“In ACA, we do not practice therapy, but therapy with an informed counselor can be the gateway to unparalleled levels of recovery. Therapy is not a substitute for ACA recovery, which involves focused Step work with a sponsor.”

Chapter 16, Big Red Book, Chapter entitled “ACA and Therapy”


In an effort to carry the message around the world, we are working to provide literature to those who work with adult children professionally. If there is anyone you know who is a professional who works with adult children or a facility that helps adult children, we are supplying free literature. If your therapist/social worker etc., could benefit, please let us know. Any professional who works with adult children can email for this. Any facility; a library, a university, a mental health clinic, etc., can email contact us to get this free ACA literature. Thank you for your good words and for helping to carry the message.

You may also want to visit WSO’s page on “Therapy and Counselors” where you can gain access to FREE literature.

Additionally, if you would like to take part in one of our meetings to gain a better understanding of our program, you may do so at any time. We do ask that you follow a few simple guidelines.

  • As a visitor, anonymity is a requirement.
  • All visitors should only attend open meetings. Men should not attend “Women only” meetings, and Women should not attend “Men only” meetings.
  • Professionals are encouraged, but not required, to announce themselves as visitors and the reason for their visit.
  • No professional should use ACA meetings as an opportunity to gain clients.

For Fellow Travelers:

  • All Fellow Travelers should understand that a meeting “Open to all” is just that.
  • Visitors should be given the same respect as a newcomer.
  • Many health care curricula’s require students to attend at least one 12 step meeting.
  • Fellow Travelers should understand that professionals are there for their clients, and we should never solicit free advice or therapy.